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I asked my teacher about the vignette on my sister, and she said I could do it but first I have to brainstorm and write as many words that relate to her but I can't get much so I'm changing my topic to summer.
I'm supposed to get as many random words that are related to summer and then connect them.
My words are:
Sand dunes
The wind
Ice cream
Hot weather
Driving to the ocean

Now I need help connecting these in order to make a!


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    This was your original assignment.

    I need to write a vignette on a character that will catch my reader's interest. I'm supposed to use the vigentte 'Salvador Late or Early' by Sanda Cisneros. my book says, "Use colorful verbs to show what your character does all day- early and late"

    Your sister is a character. Summer is not.

    Brainstorm to think of all of the words, especially verbs that apply to your sister.

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    ohh yeahhh i forgot <g> hehehe
    OK, I'll do that

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