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I need to write a vignette on a character that will catch my reader's interest. I'm supposed to use the vigentte 'Salvador Late or Early' by Sanda Cisneros. my book says, "Use colorful verbs to show what your character does all day- early and late"

I need help with this..I don't even know where to start! But I do have some brainstorming ideas..please help


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    You're to use Cisnero's short vignette as a model.

    You might choose to write about one of your siblings. What does s/he do during the day? You'd probably start with getting up in the morning.

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    OK, I can do that since there's 4 of them :P I can write about Y because i'm closest to her but...i don't think my sister's boring day will catch the attention of readers..?


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    That's your job as a writer, to make her boring day interesting.

    Does she wake up happy and cheerful? Does she look beautiful as she gets out of bed? Does she ever raise her voice or argue or grumble?

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    hahahaha ok, this will be fun =]

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    I thought so. <g>

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