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From my book:
"Setting provides much more than just the backdrop for the action of a story. In addition to giving the time and place, setting establishes the atmosphere/mood and influences the characters. Setting also affects readers' emotions. Explain how the setting in short story Thank You Ma'am by Langston Hughes contributes to the story and affects the reader."

I have to give:
Description of the Setting
Atmosphere/Mood established by setting
Effects on the Setting on Characters
Emotional Effect of Setting on Reader

I'm not exactly sure where to find this info, and I really need help answering those 4 things.


  1. Ms. Sue

    The setting is on a street and in the woman's apartment, in an American city. The time was the present for Hughes, so that puts it about 1950.

    Try answering the rest of the questions yourself. I don't think the setting had much of an influence -- but you'll think of something. <g>

    (Broken Link Removed)

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