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Language is unique to humans - why? Just point me in the right direction, I have googled it and keep getting scientific articles, I don't understand. Thanks for your time

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    Language is unique to humans because behind those languages there are unique cultures. Also languages are unique because they are usually very different from your own language.

    i hope that helped

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    Language is not unique to humans. You obviously don't live on a farm.

    We have taught Chimpanzees, and apes to understand and communicate with american sign language, and a few of those taught it to their offspring.

    Hens call their chicks to safety, to nest, and to eat with various sequences of sounds.

    If you want more, you will get scientific articles.

    You need to explore what you mean by language.

    Perhaps you mean "abstract symbolic". Perhaps that is what some folks think, that a donkey can't appreciate an art work or piece of music. I don't know about that.

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    thanks that's a good start

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    Try this site, but whales and dolphins communicate and they understand each other, even if WE don't speak their language!


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