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ok so i've asked this one before:

capitalize the conjunctions-

Both you and I will come to a decision

Both you AND I will come to a decision

so 'and' is the conjunction.
and ms.sue said that was correct.

but i just noticed that my sheet has two blanks for this question . that means there must be two conjunctions.

i can't figure out the other!!

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    I missed it too.

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    never mind..i think i got it:

    It is a correlative conjunction. that means they occur in pairs.

    so in this sentence: Both you and I will come to a decision, i think the two conjunctions are

    BOTH you AND I will come to a decision

    -both, -and

    am i correct?

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    I wasn't absolutely positive about both, so I looked it up to make sure that both can be used as a conjunction.

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    ok. now i'm positive

    thanks ms. sue :)

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    You're welcome. :-)

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