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Exponent Rules

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SAC = STC/y = (w1(y/240)^2 + 48w2) / y
= (w1)(y/240)^2(y) + ((48)(w2))/y
= (w1)(y/240)^2 + ((48)(w2))/y <-- this is the final answer, but I don't understand it because of this part:

(w1)(y/240)^2(y) -> (w1)(y/240)^2

Don't you add exponents when you multiply variables? So wouldn't it become...


Note: w1, y, w2 are variables

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    well, you can add, but remember this

    1/y= y-1

  • Exponent Rules -




    I don't get how y^-1 is relevant to this question since (x/y)/z can be rearranged as (x/y)(z/1)..

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