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[This is about the short story 'A Christmas Memory' by Truman Capote]

I have to make a collage about the cousin; it can present information or convey a mood but it has to show the cousin's nature. What are some things I can include in the collage that show the character of the cousin?


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    What is the character of the cousin? Jot down as many words and phrases which remind you of him. Then look for lots of pictures to illustrate these words and phrases.

    You'll probably include the nuts, fruitcake, kite, Christmas tree, etc., in your collage. But specifically you'll need pictures that evoke his character -- mischievous? kind?

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    Yes, I'll include those things but just so you know, the cousin is a girl ^_^


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    Oops! I just read a brief summary -- but haven't read the entire story.

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    Oh ok =P

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