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When asked about their driving, 56% of students say they are better than the average driver, 39% say they are an ave. driver and the rest say they are worse than ave. A pair of students are driving home together for break. What is the probability that at least one student said they were worse than average as a driver?

What I have so far is:
P(at least one student said they were worse ave. driver)
= 1 - P(no students saying they were worse than ave. driver)
= 1- (0.95????
I am confused here. Please help and show work so I can understand.

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    The probability that the 1st driver says equal or better than average is .95. The probability that both say better than average is .95*.95 = .9025

    Ergo, the prob that at least one says worse than average is 1-.9025 = .0975

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    Thank you.

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