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Which of the following is not an economic reason for European Exploration?

A) The discovery of fine goods in the East
B) To spread Christianity throughout the world.
C) To find better trade routes to the East.
D) To set up colonies to encourage mercantilism.

I believe the answer is C. Is this correct?

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    Please read the question carefully:

    "Which of the following is not an economic reason for European Exploration?"

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    some of the reasons that they explored were= to find a sea route to the spices of asia, To find gold, silver and precious stones, To expand their knowledge of the world, to control a larger empire, to expand christianity, and to find animal furs.

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    It sounds like it would be D) Set up colonies to encourage mercantilism.

    Is this correct?

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    Come on. Which of your choices does not involve economic reasons? Do you understand what economic means?

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