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Solve 4(2x-3) < 3x+6

Would the solution be x > 18/5?

* Algebra - Reiny, Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 5:30pm

yes again!

Hold on... Looking back on this problem, wouldn't it be x < 18/5 since you need to flip the sign when you divide by a negative?

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    yes, of course, how careless of me not to notice that you switched the sign.
    the correct answer is
    x < 18/5

    BUT, why do you think we divided by a negative?

    4(2x-3) < 3x+6
    8x - 12 < 3x + 6
    5x < 18
    x < 18/5

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    I decided to be different and subtract the 6 first. That lead me to divide by a negative 5 later in the equation.

    You subtracted the 3x first, so you didn't have to divide by a negative at all.

    Either way, the sign should be <.

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