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Chemistry 130

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Can someone please help me with this question? I don't even know were to begin!

1. What is the relationship (i.e. direct or inverse) between pH and hydrogen ion concentration? Remembering that pH= -log[H+].

Thanks for the help!

  • Chemistry 130 -

    [H+}=10^-5 pH=5
    [H+]=10^-2 pH=2
    The greater the hydrogen concentration the lower the pH. So is this direct or inverse relationship?

  • Chemistry 130 -

    pH = -log[H+]
    The above relationship can also be expressed as:
    [H+] = 10^(-pH)
    [H+] = 1 / 10^(pH)
    That shows the hydrogen ion concentration is inversely proportional to the pH.

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