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Determine two coterminal angles (one positive and one negative) for the given angle. Give your answers in radians.

a) 8pie/9 b)8pie/45

I know that you have to add 2pie but I do not know how to do that.

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    Coterminal angles for an angle α are angles of the form α±2kπ where k is different from zero.
    For example, some coterminal angles of π/2 are:
    π/2 - 4π = -(7/2)π
    π/2 - 2π = -(3/2)π
    π/2 + 2π = (3/2)π
    π/2 + 4π = (7/2)π

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    The last two should read:
    π/2 + 2π = (5/2)π
    π/2 + 4π = (9/2)π

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