7th grade - Social Studies

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how do you think women and native americans felt about not being included under the 14th amendment?

how do you think white women felt when former slaves were allowed to vote and they were not?

what percent of slaves were not freed after the issue of the Emancipation Proclamation?

why do you think Lincoln did not abolish slavery everywhere in the United States?

how do you think the slaves that were not freed by the Emancipation Proclamation felt about Lincoln?

what happened to andrew johnson's home during the civil war?

what do you think of Andrew Johnson as a person?

how do you think those who had fought in the Union Army felt about President Johnson pardoning most of the Rebel soldiers?

do you think that states should have the right to make their own decision without federal interference? Why or Why not?

How do you think Northern members of Congress felt about Johnson's veto?

  • 7th grade - Social Studies -

    Most of these questions ask you what YOU THINK. Your teacher doesn't want the opinions of some stranger who is not in your class.

    We'll be glad to comment on YOUR thoughts, though.

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