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I need help with these four questions
It goes with a crossword puzzle

Directions: Fill in the blank

1. Jamal a marqué un but! Le score est 1 à 1. Il a ------- le score. (The word has 7 letters)

2. Marie joue au football. Elle est ----------. (The word has 7 letters)

3. Sylvie a ------ une place côté fenêtre. (This word has 6 letters)

4. Les --------- sont assis dans les gradins. (This word has 11 letters)


  • French -

    Try to think of a word in English that fits the bill, and see if the French equivalent works. This way, you should find at least three out of the four answers.

  • French -

    Then, feel free to post your answers for "proofreading."

    Sra (aka Mme)

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