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Hey guys, I'm making a lego stop-motion movie and I have a Mexican demolition expert character. =)
I'll admit, this isn't homework and I havn't taken a Spanish class...but that's why I am asking for help. There are just two lines I'd like him to say in Spanish. I'll list the lines for you that need translation.

“I just like blowing things up!”
"With pleasure Commander."

Thanks a bunch!

  • Spanish Stop-motion quote -

    This is what i have got

    "Me gusta volar cosas!"
    "Con mucho gusto comandante.

  • Spanish Stop-motion quote -

    sometimes free translators on the net miss out very important words. It's always best to have a good spanish/english dictionary.

  • Spanish Stop-motion quote -

    I suggest you wait for more suggestions because I am not sure if I'm correct, and neither am I so sure if sam's correct.

  • Spanish Stop-motion quote -

    Sheena IS correct! olé


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