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Where do i get the info to make flow charts my teacher will not respond to me and I don't know what to do i also need to make a hierarchy chart both items are on currency conversion can anyone help me I cant afford to fail this class and i am headed in that direction fast.

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    Your question is very difficult to read without appropriate capitalization and punctuation.

    Taking a guess at what you're asking -- I found these sites that may help you.

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    I'm also not clear what is being asked, exactly, but at least it's not just a cut-and-paste question.

    Steve, what exactly do you need to do, and within what terms? Do you need to create a flowchart modelling currency conversion logic using some specific software, or flowcharting convention? As Ms. Sue said, there is any amount of general information out there to be looked at.

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    .Write a query to find the earliest hire_date in each department in the Employees table.

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    Write a query to display the employee last name, email, phone_number, hire_date, and department_name of all employees who earn a commission.

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    Write a query to display the detail of employees whose names start with 'A' and are in any one of the following departments; 20, 60, 100.

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