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I've been trying to post this question for an hour but it won't let me because it says I'm posting a website adress. So I'm going to do it in parts...

Here are all the hints and all my answers. Can someone please check if they're correct?

"Guess where we are? We spent two days in the largest city of this island country and Big Ben is also located here."
Ans- London, England

  • Geography -

    "What country are we in now? A really beautiful one. We sailed through a fjord and hiked on a glacier yesterday. Now we're in the capital, one named after King Christian IV."
    Ans- Oslo, Norway

  • Geography -

    "Travled south and arrived today in the town associated with Hans Christian Andersen. Weather here a bit rainy."
    Ans- Odense, Denmark

  • Geography -

    "Just flew to this place on the Main River; it's Hesse's largest city. We enjoyed touring the Romer, a town hall built in the 1400s!"
    Ans- Frankfurt, Germany

  • Geography -

    "Now have firsthand proof that the Jungfrau is the loveliest mountain in the Alps. Right now, we're in the capital of this country."
    Ans- Bern, Switzerland

  • Geography -

    "Through Brenner Pass to Europe's leading cultural center. Breathtaking city! Also home of Johann Strauss, Jr., and the waltz."
    Ans- Vienne, Austria

  • Geography -

    "We're starting the last leg of our trip. We sailed between Corsica and Sardinia to this Mediterranean port in the second largest country in Western Europe. We're about seventy five miles south of the French border, but we're not in France!"
    Ans- Barcelona, Spain

    "Spending our last day in the western-most country of continental Europe. We fly home from its capital tonight."
    This is the only one i didn't get

    Thanks so much!


  • Geography -

    They're all right, although the figures differ about which is the second largest country in western Europe.

    Check this map for your last answer.

  • Geography -

    Is it Ireland?


  • Geography -

    No. Look at the lines of longitude to find the westernmost country in continental Europe.

  • Geography -

    Lisbon, Portugal

  • Geography -

    haha colten wrong answer

  • Geography -

    what is this

  • Geography -

    go eat some noodles and colten your gerbage

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