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what products were grown in the poorest region of France? Give some reasons why farmers in these regions were poor.

I wrote: Products which were grown in the poorest regions of France were corn, wine, and rye. Farmers in these regions were poor because their land only grew grapes and depended less on animals or other crops. Also they only owned small plots of land. Their farms did not produce nearly the same value in produce per hectare as farms in countries such as England and Holland. Their farms could grow many agricultural products, but the land only managed to produce grapes. Farmers in Paris Basin managed well. Farmers in Paris Basin had fertile lands, unlike Aquitaine, and Provence. Also the farmers had to pay many taxes and fees which prevented them from making even a modest amount of money.

please add more, thanks

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    I'm sure you're right, although I'm not that familiar with France's agricultural regions. However, today, grapes are a major French crop and used for making wine.

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    If you can then please do add more to it, thanks

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