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visual basic

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Im trying to get this program to average three number having a problem the sample nmubers im using are 6 6 2 average supposed to be 4.6667 but im just geting .6667 I think it has something to do with my s=value(i) not sure what i need to do now can anybody help?

Dim no As Integer = 3
Dim value() As Integer
ReDim value(0 To no - 1)
Dim s As Integer = 0
For i As Integer = 0 To no - 1
Console.WriteLine(" Input your value:")
value(i) = Console.ReadLine()
s = value(i)
Dim a As Double = s / no
Console.WriteLine(" value is " & a)

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    You just have a minor typo,
    s = value(i)
    should read
    s += value(i)

    Everything falls in place.

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    Are the numbers to be averaged always integers?
    If not, you have some corrections to do.

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    thanks yes the numbers are always to be averaged as integers.

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    You're welcome anytime, I love programming!

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    Ok got one more i need help on the program below im supposed to sort the usernames and passwords in alphabetical order by username. Then display the sorted resort. I was able to sort username alphabetically but im not sure how to get the passwords to match up with the usernames.

    Dim n As Integer = 5
    Dim user(0 To n - 1) As String
    Dim password(0 To n - 1) As String

    For i As Integer = 0 To n - 1
    Console.Write(" Enter user name: ")
    user(i) = Console.ReadLine()

    Console.Write(" Enter password: ")
    password(i) = Console.ReadLine()

    'Sorting the entered user names

    'using bubble sort

    For i As Integer = 0 To 4
    For j As Integer = 0 To n - i - 2

    If (user(j) > user(j + 1)) Then

    swap(user(j), user(j + 1))

    End If

    For i As Integer = 0 To n - 1



    End Sub

    Sub swap(ByRef str1 As String, ByRef str2 As String)

    Dim temp As String

    temp = str1

    str1 = str2

    str2 = temp

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    I didn't verify your code, but I see the general way to do it. Suppose you have

    user(1) = "vsu1"; password(1)="123456"

    user(2) = "jim"; password(2)="abcdef"

    now, after the swap above, you have

    user(1) = "jim"; password(1)="123456"

    user(2) = "vsu1"; password(2)="abcdef"

    which is wrong, but you can fix it easily by swapping the passwords along with the names, like:

    If (user(j) > user(j + 1)) Then
    swap(user(j), user(j + 1))
    swap(password(j), password(j + 1))
    End If

    and now user and password will stay together.

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    With Jim's proposed corrections, you'd be on your way.

    Also, if the value of n is a constant, you could replace Dim n... by
    Const N as integer=5
    This will help the compiler check for code that tries to modify N.

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    thanks i really appericate the help! Im starting to like programming more myself!

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    Good to hear! Till next time.

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