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Find the point of intersection between y=2-(1/2)x and y=1+ax. (a=alpha sign). You answer will be a point in the xy plane whose coordinates involve the unknown a .

My work so far:
I set the two equations equal to each other because they intersect.
and I got,
(-1)/( (-1/2)-a )=x
how do I find y?
Do I plug in what i found for x into one of the equation? Please help!

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    y = 2 - x/2
    y = 1 + ax

    0 = 1 - x/2 - ax
    x(a + 1/2) = x(2a+1)/2 = 1
    x = 2/(2a+1)

    y = 1 + 2a/(2a+1)

    You started out OK, but should have simplified the equation for x and used it to derive an equation for y.

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    thank you! =D

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