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how to plot the equation and find the y intersect of y + x = -10

thank you

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    To find the y-intersect, you can just set x=0, and see what's left:

    y + x = -10
    y + 0 = -10
    y = -10

    So (0, -10) is your intersect.

    This is a straight line, so all you have to do is find two points, and use a ruler to draw a line through them. Let's find the x-intercept as our other point, so we set y = 0 and read it off:

    y + x = -10
    0 + x = -10
    x = -10

    So (-10, 0) is another point on the line.

    Now draw the two points, and just draw the line that runs through them both.

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