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3rd grade

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What is a compound sentence?

  • 3rd grade -

    A compound sentence is two sentences joined by and, but, or.


    I like lots of stuff on my pizza, but my brother wants only cheese.

    Last weekend Dana went to a movie and she also studied for a test.

  • 3rd grade -

    If you put two simple sentences together correctly, you have a compound sentence.


    I was hungry. My mom made me a sandwich. ~~> I was hungry, so my mom made me a sandwich.

    Jack ran up the hill. Jill came tumbling after him. ~~> Jack ran up the hill, and Jill came tumbling after him.

    The ways to connect simple sentences to make compounds are these:

    , and
    , but
    , or
    , nor
    , for
    , so
    , yet


    Let us know if you have more questions.

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