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Tanya is 12 years older than leah. Three years ago, Tanya was five times as old as leah. How old is leah?

  • math -

    let Leah present age be x yrs
    then Tanya is now x+12

    Three years ago, Leah was x-3
    and Tanya was x+12 - 3 or x+9

    at that time "Tanya was five times as old as leah"
    x+9 = 3(x-3)
    x+9 = 3x - 9
    18 = 2x
    x = 9

    So Leah is now 9, and Tanya is now 21

    three years ago Leah was 6 and Tanya was 18
    Was Tanya three times as old?
    is 18 equal to 3 times 6?

  • math -

    Tanya's age t is three times Martin's age m.

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