graphing math (last ones) ill figure out the rest

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how would u graph y=3/2x+4

sorry im not good at fractions

how would you graph y=1/4x

  • graphing math (last ones) ill figure out the rest -

    The first question I answered below at the original post. The second question is done the same way that I answered for x=4 except this one has a vertical line parallel to the y axis and passing through the point (1/4,0).

  • graphing math (last ones) ill figure out the rest -

    a nice trick to use if you have fractions for the slope is to use numbers which divide by the denominator.
    e.g. for y = (3/2)x + 4 , I would pick even values of x
    x = 4, then y =(3/2)(4) + 4 = 10
    x = -2 , then y = (3/2)(-2) + 4 = 1

    You now have two simple points (4,10) and (-2,1) to plot and draw the line

    do the same for the second, pick multiples of 4 for your x's

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