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Thanks for your answer DrBob. I am still stumped.The question I was asked to answer is

Do acetic acid and stearic acid undergo controlled oxidation reactions? Explain why/why not and draw an equation to illustrate the answer.

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    I can't find anything in my books about oxidation of carboxylic acids. Lots of material on reduction as well as on changing to acid chlorides, esters, nitriles, etc, but nothing on oxidation. Since -COOH already represents the ultimate, my best guess is no, acetic acid and stearic acid are oxidized to CO2 and H2O but get a second opinion.

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    thanks DrBob ..I appreciate the help. I have tried many searches for the answer on the internet and felt the answer was no as I found nothing.I understand the idea of going to CO2 and H2O. I also don't think that just an O molecule can be added. Thanks again.

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    Adding an O would make a superoxide and I don't know of any instances in organic of RCOOOH molecules although they are known in inorganic (KO2, for example).

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    h2o means water haha

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