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I have to write an essay on this topic:

In an essay, discuss the causes of discontent between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland and the significant events in this drama. Be sure to include dates throughout your essay in order to create a timeline of the events.

This is what I have:

Up until the 1500s, the Roman Catholic Church directed religious affairs in most of Western Europe but in the early 1500s, groups in Europe tried to transform some of the Church’s practices and started reform movement known as the Reformation. Because of the Reformation, a split soon developed between the Roman Catholics and the Protestants, the name given to those Christians who protested the policies of the Roman Catholic Church.
In the year of 1534, Henry VIII of England broke away from the Roman Catholic Church and founded the Church of England. He made himself leader of the church and moved to strengthen his power. He also changed his title from Lord of Ireland to King of Ireland.

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    Henry did not try to force the Irish to give up the Roman Catholic religion but some of his descendants did. A good number of the Irish remained strongly Roman Catholic, however, and fought bitterly against the English. When the English eventually won, they forced harsh laws on the Irish and gave away large parcels of Irish land to Protestant settlers from Great Britain.
    The division in Ireland became not only religious, but economic as well. The Protestant minority controlled much of the wealth, while the overpowered Irish Catholics fell into poverty.

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    The British policy toward Ireland left a legacy of hostility and detestation. In 1798, the French supported a rebellion in Ireland. The United Kingdom responded in 1801 by annexing Ireland.
    Many Irish continued to press for independence throughout the nineteenth century. Rebellions between 1916 and 1921 led officials in the UK and Ireland to divide the island into two parts.

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    Approximately two thirds of the 1.6 million people who live in Northern Ireland today are Protestant; most of the rest are still Catholic. The majority of Catholics support the reunification of Ireland, while the Protestants oppose it.
    Both Protestant and Catholic extremists have used aggression to try to win control of Northern Ireland. Bombings, hunger strikes, and gun battles kept antagonism high. Steps toward peace talks began in 1994, and hopes increased that problems that began in the 1500s might finally be resolved.

    Is this alright?


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    I didn't save the paragraphs you posted from your book, but it still looks as though you've used far too many of the phrases directly from your book.

    Please study these sites for tips on avoiding plagiarism.

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    Can I get some links to help me gather information about this topic then?


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    Your teacher expects you to take the information from your book, understand it, and put it in your own words.

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    Don't forget that the Catholic/Protestant fuse ignited a cultural war, its chemistry was a long time making. The religions themselves were only a part of the cultural divide.

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    OK, thanks bob!

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