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i need to write an essay about
is religion sexist?
i need to include christianity sikh judaism . thankyou

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    You're going to first have to define what you believe sexist means. That term itself is not something that has a clear cut answer.

    Then the hard part comes from actually answering the question of whether Christianity, Sikhism, and Judaism actually fit into those things. The really hard part will be the fact that there is no one concept for any of those religions.

    If this is an actual assignment from a teacher, it almost sounds like the teacher has his or her own thoughts on it and just wants you to assume the same things he or she does.

  • mattsricebowl-religious education -

    thankyou for replying to my question.

    it is an actual assignment and i`m thinking the same as you my teacher wants use to think what he does.

    it is not due in until friday but i know i will struggle with it thankyou for your time. :) :)

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    Continuing from Matt's ideas (which are very good, by the way!), you might want to write this paper as a definition paper:

    You can start with lexical definitions from any of these sites:

    1. Plan and develop your paper before writing.
    2. Be sure you stay with your plan (i.e., don't wander off in some subjective direction).
    3. Write your paper as objectively as you can.

  • re-writeacher--religious education -

    thankyou for helping me i appreciate it.

    you and matt have helped me alot

    thanks guys i might ask for help again if i struggle and when i finished my essay.

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