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A student wants to determine the coefficients of static friction and kinetic friction between a box and a plank. She places the box on the plank and gradually raises one end of the plank. When the angle of inclination with the horizontal reaches 30°, the box starts to slip, and it slides 2.2 m down the plank in 4.4 s at constant acceleration.
(a) What is the coefficient of static friction?

(b) What is the coefficient of kinetic friction?

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    (a) Let s be the coefficient of statice froction and k be the coefficient of kinetic friction.

    From the info on the angle at whic slidign starts,
    M g sin 30 = M g s cos 30
    tan 30 = s

    (b) Solve for the acceleration rate a after sliding begins. It slides a distance X in time T.
    a T^2/2 = X
    a = 2X/T^2
    Then solve for k using Newton's second law.
    M a = Mg sin 30 - M g k cos 30
    a/g = sin 30 - k cos 30

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