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g) Use the substances given in table 1 to calculate the volume of 270 g of aluminum.

The densities of substances given:
glycerol (substance a) = 0.97 g/mL
isoprop (substance b) = 1.20 g/mL
water (substance c) = 0.85 g/mL

How would i know what the mass is? Would i use the G.R.A.S.S formula?
could u please help me with this question? your help is very appreciated:)

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    Did you perform some kind of an experiment with these materials? And I don't know what the GRASS formula is? Perhaps you could enlighten me.

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    we did an experiment. and the grass formula is:
    Given: (what we already know)
    Required: (wha we need to know)
    Aanalysis: (how we figure it out, the formula ex. d = m x v)
    Solution: ( do the formula)
    statement: ( therefore...)

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    Thanks. Now if you will type in what you did with the experiment, perhaps we can help on that. I'm sure you either weighed the Al in one or more of the substances listed or you measured the volume of one or more of them, placed the Al in, and re-read the volume.

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