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algebra 1

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I still don't understand can someone help me?

the everton college store paid $1553
for an order of 42 calculators. the
store paid $9 for each scientific calculator. the others, all graphing calculators, cost the store $56 each. how many of each trupe of calculator was ordered?

the store ordered:
how many scientfic calculators?

graphing calculators?

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    how about...

    let the number of scientific calculators be x
    then the number of graphing calc's is 42-x

    then 9x + 56(42-x) = 1553
    9x + 2352 - 56x = 1553
    -47x = -799
    x = 17
    42-x = 25

    So they bought 17 scientific and 25 graphing types.

    check : 17(9) + 25(56) = 1553

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    Reiny is mostly correct how I think about it is I think about what I know write it down I see what they are asking me and try to figure it out. Try to make it easier for you to understand

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