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In your new job as a strategic planner at BusCalcInc, you have been asked to evaluate a proposal for manufacturing a new product. Other analysts have determined that a linear function is a reasonable estimate for the total cost C(x) in dollars to produce x items. Another team has determined that the cost to produce 1,000 items is $2,110,000 and the cost to produce 5,000 items is $12,550,000. A) Write the linear function C(x) that describes the cost function? B) Find the total cost to produce 50,000 items? C) Find the marginal cost of the new product (instantaneous rate of change.)

  • calculus -

    your linear function will look like
    C(x) = mx + b

    you are given 2 ordered pairs
    (1000,2110000) and (5000,12550000)

    Since you are in Calculus you have to know how to find the eqution of a straight line if you are given two points.
    Hint: first find the slope, that gives you the m value

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