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how do you find the domain of the function::

14/(x^2 - 361) <-- this is all under a square root..

i have attempted this so many times and have not found the correct answer yet. how do i solve the domain when it is a square root function with a denominator???? please help!


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    Two conditions are the problem here:
    1. We cannot divide by zero
    2. We cannot take the square root of a negative.

    so 14/√(x^2 - 361)
    = 14/√[(x+19)(x-19)]
    so clearly x cannot be ± 19

    secondly, wouldn't the number under the root sign be negative for all values between 1- and +19

    so the domain is
    x > 19 OR x < -19 , x is a real number.

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