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Physics but algebra problem

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Having issue with algebra.


would you do something like plugging one into the other such as.

prob is when i get a fraction in the denominator i get confused can someone help me. I'm trying to find the mass. Which i will then convert into weight (N). N=mg.

Can someone help?

  • Physics but algebra problem -

    It doesn't look like there is a solution.
    First equation:
    89N = ma

    Second equation:
    99N = m2a

    For the second equation, if you divide both sides by 2 you get:
    99N/2 = m2a/2
    49.5N = ma

    The first equation says ma = 89N.
    The second equation says ma = 49.5N

    Assuming a is constant, there is no single value of m that satisfies both equations.

  • Physics but algebra problem -

    When you lift a bowling ball with a force of 89 , the ball accelerates upward with an acceleration . If you lift with a force of 99 , the ball's acceleration is 2.

    I'm guessing a is 9.8 m/s since it's gravity.

    I trying to figure out the weight w and acceleration a.


  • Physics but algebra problem -

    Remember that the acceleration of the bowling ball is the NET force of your lifting and gravity.
    So, the acceleration of your 89N lifting is:
    a = (89N - mg)/m
    where g is gravity.
    Likewise for the 99N lift:
    a = (99N - mg)/m

  • Physics but algebra problem -

    Prob is I not sure exactly how to do the algebra when I plug in the a. and doesn't the m just cancel out? 0_0

  • Physics but algebra problem -

    Let a = the acceleration for 89N
    Let m = the bowling balls mass.
    Let g = acceleration of gravity.
    So, 2a is the acceleration for 99N.

    Set up the equation that shows the 99N acceleration is 2 times the 89N acceleration:

    2(89N - mg)/m = (99N - mg)/m
    Solve for m.

  • Physics but algebra problem -

    260,000 Newtons sorry.

  • Physics but algebra problem -

    huh?? 260,000 Newtons?

  • Physics but algebra problem -

    Mia's post accidently went here. Ignore it.

  • Physics but algebra problem -

    I'm not sure how to do the algebra the m in the denominator is confusing me. 0_0 so sorry i'm so difficult i feel stupid. not sure how to solve for m.

  • Physics but algebra problem -

    No problem. That is why we are here. You are not being difficult or stupied at all. No one is born knowing this stuff.

    Some more hints:
    2(89N - mg)/m = (99N -mg)/m

    Let's get rid of the denominator.
    Multiply both sides by m to get:
    2(89N - mg) = (99N - mg)

    Multiplying out the left side:
    178N - 2mg = 99N - mg

    Add 2mg to both sides:
    178N = 99N + mg

    Subtract 99N from both sides:
    79N = mg
    m = 79N/g

  • Physics but algebra problem -

    My mistake!
    stupied = stupid
    See, we all make errors.

  • Physics but algebra problem -

    So that's what i got buttt for some reason the acceleration doesn't match up for the mass i'm getting from it. Why I am having such a difficult problem. See when I do N=mg i am getting m=79/9.81. Prob is for acceleration for both those forces the equation N=mg isn't working so it's confusing me.

  • Physics but algebra problem -

    Where i am having a problem to....Do you have same prob James? Acceleration is stumping me.

  • Physics but algebra problem -

    Go back and look at the two acceleration equations posted above. Don't forget to include gravity.

    for 89N:
    a = (89N - mg)/m

    m and g are known

    for 99N;
    a = (99 -mg)/m
    The acceleration at 99N should be twice the 89N a.

  • Physics but algebra problem -

    Thanks so much!!!!

  • Physics but algebra problem -

    what is the average acceleration of a subway train that slows down from 12 meters/ second to 9.6 meters/ second in 0.8 seconds

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