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Can someone tell me do i have a good thesis and did i argue my thesis, if not can i please have some help?????

Topic:The Bible and the Legitimation of Violence

Deuteronomy 20:1-9 is say’s, “Issues of guilt and holiness became involved because the taking of any human life was the concern of God.” God thought violent was a problem because people were taking human lives and God was very concerned. Joshua was more violent than God in the destruction of Jericho. I disagree that the bible is violence because the bible depends on the use of violence like capital punishment, war, and self-defense. God choose to punish violence but he’s the only God who may decide sin. We all have read that God choose to get involved with violence so that evil will not have the last world. The bible consist the human violence and divine violence.

Human violence goes from homicide to war that’s mention in the beginning of the bible and doesn’t let up throughout the bible. Gen 6-13 God said, “Violence of all flesh that led to the violence of the flood.” Joshua was more violent than God, he was told to lead the people against Jericho but Joshua took it upon himself to attack and kill. God never tells Joshua to sin or destroy the inhabitants of Jericho. In the obedience to God commands Joshua army did what was told. The Israelites put every living soul to the sword until they had destroyed every one, they did not leave alive any one. The Bible has contributed to violence in the world precisely because it has been taken to confer a degree of certitude that transcends human discussion and argumentation (Collins). My opinion is that God didn’t lead or teach human to become violence he created humans and creatures to not sin and obey him. God teaches us to love and respect one another and how people take violence in their own hands is not God fought but there will be punishment.

Divine violence is what we all go for because it the heavenly violence meaning no serious harm or blood. In Isaiah 60:18, “Violence shall no more be heard in your land.” It is God will for us to be angry or violent in our attempting to follow the will of God. His is both right and wrong. It is never God’s will for human beings to use violent means to achieve their good ends. We all want God of love but of the kind of love that confronts and opposes evildoers. If we lived in a world in which we could expect all evildoers to be open-minded by reason or example then we could give out with the possibility of divine violence to maintain on bad. If people will overcome the use of violence in the Bible as legitimization people will continue to take the Bible more seriously and continue to say that to be head is to be boss (Ewudziwa).

I think it’s important that the Book of Joshua isn’t violent because God doesn’t intend the violence that disrupts the life of the world it means it is the sinfulness of humankind. The bible has so much that goes in the direction of overcoming violence but that is not what I hear around me, I’m just saying there is so much violence in the bible (Ewudziwa). God may respond in many ways and through various agents so the sin and evil do not go unchecked in the life of the world. God choose to get involved with violence so that evil will not have the last world. Violence came in the world when human sin free up demonic forces to work their wickedness and that’s where divine violence comes from because some of people are holy and handled the violence in a heavenly way. God is the god of judgment he created this world that evil people and wicked nations are eventually destroyed. He does it without sinning because his judgment is part of his nation.

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    What is your thesis?

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    My thesis is my first paragraph or the last sentence

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    Just by glancing over the essay I found several grammatical errors. Be sure to proofread carefully.

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