posted by Amelie

I had to factor 5x^3-10x^2+43x-6. I got 5x(x^2+-2x)+3(x-2). My teacher said this was half right. What did I do wrong then? Thank you!!

  1. Danialle

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  2. MathMate

    Your answer expands to
    Could you check the question if the coefficient is not 3x instead of 43x.

    The expression as in the qustion has no rational factors, so there is probably a typo somewhere.

    Yes, your answer is half-way, if not more, to factorizing completely.

  3. Amelie

    Yes, it is supposed to be a three, not a fourty three.

  4. MathMate

    If it is a 3x and not 43x, then you only have to continue your factorization:
    =5x²(x-2) + 3(x-2)
    which is the correct answer.
    =5x³ -10² + 3x -6 OK

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