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There are two fill-in-the-blank questions that I can't find the missing word. If you could be of any help, I'd appreciate it. :)

#1. The ____ describes the steps you use during an experiment.

#2. Sometimes scientists make a mistake, or ____, and need to do an experiment again.

Thanks so much!

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    Are these part of a crossword? If so the letters these words might contain would be helpful. You have posted this question several times but no one has taken the bait. The only word I can think of for #1 is procedure. The only words for #2 are duplicate or replicate. Perhaps if you told us what you were studying and some of the details we might be able to be of more assistance. And what grade level?

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    I'm not an expert nor a teacher but I'm a college student and I think the answers are

    1. procedure
    2. error

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    I haven't posted this question several times, so unless I accidentally pressed send a few times, it must be other students in my class.

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    Also, I'm pretty sure Aaron's words are correct... they seem to fit. Thanks! Anyway, it is 8th grade physical science and we're learning about the scientific method.

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    Perhaps I should have said that I had SEEN the question posted several times in the last several days. Error is a better guess than my duplicate.

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    Okay. Yes, it must have been other kids with similar worksheets or something. Well, thanks. :)

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    hey im in 8th grade too and im also learning about that stupid scientific method... although this time my teacher gave us a different, yet stupid, homework question
    Give one advantage and one disadvantage of having many branches of science?? lol i don't know from where do they get these silly questions... do u have any idea about the answer?? thanks in advance ;)

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