10th grade algebra

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i need help understanding linear equations. 7x-15y+9=0 please help.

  • 10th grade algebra -

    Plugging in a value of x lets you compute y, or vice versa. It is the equation of a striaght line.

    What are you supposed to do with the equation? Turn it into an equation for y?

  • 10th grade algebra -

    try isolating for y

  • 10th grade algebra -

    (0,2) m= 4/5

  • 10th grade algebra -


  • 10th grade algebra -

    **Subtract 9 from both sides
    **Subtract 7x from both sides
    **Divide both sides by -15
    y=(7/15)x+(9/15) <--- equation isolate for y

  • 10th grade algebra -


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