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I really need someone to explain how to change a decimal to a fraction and vice versa.
for example how would i change 2.60 or .653 in to a fraction?

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    2.60 = 2 and 60/100 = 2 6/10 = 2 3/5

    0.653 = 653/1000

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    okay, so if you take 2.60, which you can shorten to 2.6, see what place the last decimal goes to, in this case it's 6 which goes to the tenths place. So, try reading the fraction and you would say "two and six tenths" Look! You just gave yourself the answer! 2 6/10! just simplify it now, 2 6/10 / 2/2 which would be 2 3/5 which is in lowest terms. So your final answer is 2 3/5
    Now try it with .653
    Let me know if this makes sense

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