posted by sara

what would I say on it like what would the comic thing be?

and what would charles be saying, something like please forgive me

please help

please check the my earlier reposts

  1. Ms. Sue

    You could picture him kneeling before the cross in the chapel -- with his fingers crossed behind his back.

    I think it's possible that Charles wanted a more traditional Church of England because it would be more support for the king. He may not have been that religious.

  2. sara

    oh thanks but what would I say like in bubbles for him? and for the people around him?

  3. Ms. Sue

    How about, "Dear God, we want to worship you in our old traditional way."

    The others around him could be whispering or giggling behind their hands.

  4. sara

    oh thank you so much Mrs. Sue, you are the bset.

    could the others around him say poor guy ha ha ha, and or that's too bad ha ha ha, what do you think the others could say?

  5. Ms. Sue

    Yes, you could do it that way. :-)

  6. sara

    yeah, but your ideas are way better, so do you have any ideas on what the others around him could say?

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