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Together these two turkeys weigh twenty pounds," said the butcher. The little fellow sells for two cents a pound more the big one." Mrs. Smith bought the little one for 82 cents and Mrs. Brown paid $2.96 cents for the big turkey. How much did each turkey weigh?
I need the work also

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    Let the little fellow weigh x lbs
    then the big fellow weighs 20-x lbs

    let the cost of the big fellow be c cents per pound
    then the cost of the little fellow is c+2 cents

    x(c+2) = 82
    cx + 2x = 82 #1

    c(20-x) = 296
    20c - cx = 296 #2

    add #1 and #2
    2x + 20c = 378
    x + 10c = 189
    x = 189-10c #3

    I will let you finish it,
    sub #3 into #1 to find c
    then back into #3 to find x

    cheap turkeys, must be old question

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    I don't get the last part:

    I will let you finish it,
    sub #3 into #1 to find c
    then back into #3 to find x

    Please help me through this!

    Is it

    (cx+2x) - (189-10c)?

  • Math -

    x = 189-10c
    then in #1
    c(189-10c) + 2(189-10c) = 82
    expanding this and lining it up as a quadratic
    10c^2 - 169c - 296 = 0
    I used the quadratic formula to get
    c = 18.5

    now back into #3
    x = 189 - 10(18.5)
    x = 4

    so the little fellow weighed 4 lbs
    and the big one weighed 16 lbs

    the big one cost 18.5 cents a pound
    the little one cost 20.5 cents a pound

    check: 20.5x4 = 82
    16x18.5 = 296

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