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I need help researching on if, and why Canada is at a competitive disadvantage compared to other countries when exporting the plastics that we(Canada) produce to other countries. I can't seem to find any info on this, is it because Canada is not at all at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to producing plastics and exporting them to the world? Can anyone verify with websites for me?

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    oh, and i just wanted to add my opinion on this.. don't know if it is right because i can't find info to back it up.. but I'd assume that Canada is at a disadvantage because countries like China and India can produce plastics at low-cost, low labour prices.. thus countries are going to buy from them, compared to Canada.

    However, my teacher did suggest that Canada is at a competitive advantage, as we have many chemical plants in Canada, and these chemical plants produce the chemicals that go into making the plastics, thus we do not need to import more products to produce plastics from other countries.. which does lower cost

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    Have you tried any of these sites?


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