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Tomorrow in class, we have to write an essay about the play "The Crucible". This was the prompt our teacher gave us:

"How was the play true?
1)when it was written
2)about when it happened
3)today as it is read"

Does ANYONE understand this prompt and what it's asking for? Because I don't xD any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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    Look at the questions again and then hunt for the answers here:



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    The question is asking how you think the play was true.

    Was it true about people, events and attitudes in 1953 when it was written?

    Was it true about events, people and events in 1692 when it happened?

    Is it true about events, people, and events now?

    Do people still have the same feelings and motivations and actions?

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    Ohhhhh I totally get it!! Thanks SraJMcGin and Ms. Sue! :D

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    You're welcome, Emily! :-)

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    in the opening stage directions, the "slave sense" Tituba has most likely refers to her ?

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