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first, thanks so much Bob for helping me!!!! will be asked to prepare 25.0 mL of a 0.019 M solution of sodium chloride during this experiment....

a.calculate mass of sodium chloride needed to prepare solution.

(0.25L)(0.019M NaCl/L)*(58.5g NaCl/1mole NaCl)=0.278 g that correct? if not how should I go about finding the answer??

b.youre given 25mL volumetric flask. Describe the procedure you will follow in lab to prepare the solution in Question4a.

i don't know...i'm really bad at lab question... add 4.0mL of the NaCl solution from Q4a to a clean 25mL volumetric flask and dilute it to exactly 25.0mL. What is the concentration of the dilute solution?


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    i think 2.3 mL of naCI/L hydrocholric acid

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    for part a? and how did you get that? thanks.

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    25 mL = .025 L, not .25L

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