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I can solve the proportions by any method. can anyone help me understand this.
4/15 = x/5

x/3 = x+10/6

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    cross multiply.

    So for #1 It becomes
    (4)(5) = 15x in the next step.
    then continue to find X

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    What do you mean by "understand"?
    I can solve the first one for you.
    4/15 = x/5
    Cross mutliply.
    5*4 = x*15
    x=20/15 = 4/3 = 1.333.

    The second one needs some work.Is that x/3 = x+(10/6) or is it
    x/3 = (x+10)/6

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    it is:

    x/3 = x + 10/6

    it would read as x over 3 = x plus 10 over 6

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    what i meant by not understanding is just that, i am lost with the numbers and letters together once i get someone to show me one i can do the rest. I can whip threw them if they are story problems but not just a line of letters and numbers.
    Thanks for your help.

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