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1. you randomly choose an integer from 10 to 20. what are the odds that the integer is 15 or less?

2. you toss a six-sided number cube 15 times. for nine of the tosses the number tossed was 4 or more. what is the experimental probability than a number tossed is 4 or more?

please respond!! thanks a lot! =)

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    1. There are 11 numbers from 10 to 20, inclusive. Six if them are 15 or less. So the odds are 6/11.

    2. For that particular experiment (15 tosses), the measured probability was 9/15 or 3/5.

    For a long series of tosses, the average probability of getting 4, 5 or 6 should be 1/2.

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    thanks again!! :)

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