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A company that makes thing-a-ma-bobs has a start up cost of $ 1399. It costs the company $ 1.87 to make each thing-a-ma-bob. The company charges $ 5.89 for each thing-a-ma-bob. Let x denote the number of thing-a-ma-bobs produced.

1. Write the cost function for this company. C(x) =2052

2. Write the revenue function for this company. R(x) =2056
work- 5.89*349

3. What is the minumum number of thing-a-ma-bobs that the company must produce and sell to make a profit? = 349

I got part 3 right but no part 1&2 what did i do wrong?

  • math -

    1. 1399 + 1.87x

    2. 5.89x

    3. 589x - (1399 + 1.87x) > 0

    You did not follow the last sentence of the instructions.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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