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which statement about religion in africa south of sahara is accurate?
A)christianity first became part of culture about 150 years ago
B)religion is an intergral part of daily life
C)islam has not attracted a large following
D)it does not include european influences
my choose a

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    Nope. Please check your text again.

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    is it d my first answer was b but i guess i was wrong and why were the teachers on the site being mean and had like a smart comment or didn't want to help me out. you werent on the site so i couldn't just ask you.

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    Your first answer is right. B. is the correct answer.

    I apologize for the teacher who apparently did not carefully read your posts late last night/early this morning. But I answered them later. Did you see my responses?

    I generally am online between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m., Eastern time, to answer Jiskha questions.

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