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1. I will go to a sports goods store and buy a skipping rope and enjoy skipping rope.

2. Foreigners like to buy Korean souvenirs at a traditional Korean shop.

3. Our anscestors lived in thatched houses long ago. Some noblemen's family lived in Hanoks, which are traditional Korean houses.

4. Jagalchi Fish Market is a very famous market in Busan. Travellers can see many kinds of fish and they can buy fish. They can also eat seafood at the market. They can see the Jagalchi festival there.

(Would you check the passages and correct errors in them?)

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    1. They are called sporting goods stores, not sports goods stores. You have written what is called a run-on sentence. If you really want that to be all one sentence, it is better written as:
    I will go to a sporting goods store, buy a skipping rope and enjoy skipping rope.

    3. ancestors is misspelled

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