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Question: A telemarketing company had a loss of $2113.15 in July, a loss of $597.11 in August, and a profit of $4121.55 in September. Did the company make a profit during the 3-month period? If so, what was the profit?

Answer: Yes, the profit was $1411.24

Please check my answer. I got confused on this one because it didn't say how much money the companu had to start with. I still hope my answer is right. Thanks!

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    Your answer is basically right, but the addition was erred by 5 cents. Check if there is an error of calculation or the numbers posted are not correct.

    No, you do not need to know how much they had to start with, they are just concerned with the three-month period.

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    I checked, the calculation was wrong. It's $1441.29

    Thanks a lot :)!

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    You're welcome!

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    $1411.29 is the right answer

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