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Chemistry 130

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Will someone help me by letting me know if I did these correct, or if there the correct answers? Thanks!

2 (10). If two moles of hydrogen gas (H2) react in the following equation, how many moles of H2O will be formed?
2H2 + O2 „³ 2H2O
a. 2 moles
b. 4 moles
c. 1 mole
d. 8 moles
e. 36 moles
I believe this is a. 2 moles, is that correct?

3 (11). The amount of product that should be produced based on stoichiometric calculations is the¡K.
a. Actual yield
b. Theoretical yield
c. Percent yield
d. Minimum yield
e. Scientific yield
I have b. theoretical yield, is that correct?

4 (12). In an experiment, a laboratory technician produced 4.59 grams of O2 when 4.89 grams of O2 was supposed to be formed based on stoichiometry of the reaction. What was the percent yield for this experiment?
a. -6.1%
b. 106%
c. 93.9%
d. 6.1%
e. 54.3%
I believe this is c. 93.9%, is that right?

5 (13). An alkaseltzer tablet is massed at 3.4 grams. In a beaker, 10.0 grams of water are massed. The tablet and water are carefully placed in a Ziploc bag without mixing and the bag is sealed. The tablet and the water are mixed resulting in fizzing and the bag filling up with gas. What will the total mass in the bag be when the reaction is complete?
a. 3.4 grams
b. 10.0 grams
c. 13.4 grams
d. 6.6 grams
e. More information is needed
I have this one as c. 13.4g, is that correct?

7 (17). Determine the number of moles of MgO that form from the reaction of 4.4 moles of O2 in the following unbalanced equation:
Mg(s) + O2(g) „³ MgO(s)
a. 1.1 moles
b. 4.4 moles
c. 17.6 moles
d. 2.2 moles
e. 8.8 moles
I believe this one is b. 4.4 moles, is that right?

Thank you for the help ;-)

  • Chemistry 130 -

    No on 7). Balance the equation.

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